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Wealth Management Services

BT&Co. serves as a trusted advisor to its clients. Often that trust extends to managing both the company's and its owners' financial assets. Our wealth management service completes the circle as accountant, business and taxation consultant and estate planner. With a complete picture of our client's overall financial and business situation, we can provide the most comprehensive and accurate wealth management advice.

Once we have your financial plan and goals firmly in place along with your estate plan to achieve those goals, next we implement the strategy. Our goal is to manage your wealth so there is sufficient money available for you and your heirs when needed.

Implementation of investment strategy

We construct your investment portfolio to balance your tolerance for risk with the required return. When determining the appropriate asset allocation, we also consider such variables as your time horizon and family needs. We allocate assets from a wide pool of products including:

  • Bonds and a variety of other fixed income securities
  • Stocks
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Mutual funds
  • Annuities
  • Oil and Gas/energy partnerships
  • Publically traded REITS (Real Estate Investment Trusts)


We invest in domestic and international securities where appropriate for our clients.

Oversight and management

As a dedicated wealth management professional, our job is to watch over your investment portfolio every day. We not only watch, but we act when appropriate to reallocate and to rebalance portfolios. That is how we help ensure your financial and estate plans are working toward achieving your goals.

We communicate with our wealth management clients regularly and meet them face-to-face whenever they wish--at least annually. We encourage every client to let us know of any changes in their life or family that will alter their financial and estate plans.

Coordinating with family and your professional team

We work diligently to create good relationships with family members so they are involved with the wealth management effort. We are good listeners. We can disassemble the most complicated securities, estate or trust issue into plain English. We welcome and encourage communication with authorized family members affected by BT&Co.'s wealth management efforts.

As your trusted advisor and Wealth Manager we often coordinate the other professionals needed to achieve your long-term goals. We work with the family and estate attorneys, any trustees or other personal representatives. When needed, we can bring in other specialists such as bankers and real estate professionals.