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Tax Preparation Services

The state and federal tax laws change every year--not only for the US, but for the other countries in which some of our clients conduct business. Staying on top of the tax laws takes a true professional. We have found it requires a dedicated individual with a passion for minimizing their client's tax liability.

Simply reacting to tax law changes after the fact is not enough. Most businesses require a tax professional who anticipates likely changes. This is a skilled and knowledgeable individual who positions his clients to either take maximum advantage of an opportunity or minimizes the additional liability from these likely changes.

At BT&Co. we have a passion for minimizing the money our clients pay the taxing authorities. Whether it is the IRS, the state franchise tax boards, sales taxes, property taxes or the other types of taxes our clients are subject to we ensure that they pay no more than their legal obligation.

Income Tax Preparation

BT&CO. prepares the tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, LLCs, trusts and estates. Often our clients ask us to prepare the tax returns for all their entities--personal as well as professional. With over 30 years of public accounting experience, BT&Co. has developed a well-deserved reputation for accuracy, efficiency and timeliness.

International Taxation

For our clients with interests in other countries, we seamlessly interface with their local accounting firm to provide a coordinated overall tax planning, preparation and payment strategy. BT&Co. has professional expertise and experience in the area of international taxation, voluntary disclosure, and foreign bank account reporting. We track all tax payments regardless of the country and ensure credit for all tax paid to other countries.

Tax Planning

BT&Co. is a huge proponent of advance tax planning. This value added service allows our professionals to determine the optimum structure of deals and transactions while there is still time to favorably alter the resulting tax liability. We help our clients make the best decisions throughout the year to take full advantage of existing, new and likely tax laws.

Estates & Trusts

BT&Co.'s has a significant background and knowledge of the tax laws governing estates and trusts. We lay the groundwork that generates a smooth and orderly transfer of assets to beneficiaries. The need to move assets between generations and around multiple families resulting from several marriages can further complicate the issue. BT& Co. has the experience to know where the issues are most likely to occur and to deal with them before they become a problem.

Our trust and estate work often involves taxation on the sale or transfer of business interests and other assets. Succession planning for the owners of businesses is a part of this practice. Our job is to ensure the sustainability of the business enterprise throughout the lives of its owners. With our guidance and planning, the transition is seamless when the time comes.

Audit Representation

Should a client of BT&Co. ever stand before the taxing authorities, they never stand alone. We are right there--often representing our clients while standing their place so they don't have to. Over our 30 years of practice BT&Co. has developed a solid reputation and familiarity with the taxing authorities to ensure our clients are well-represented and that their case is heard.

Sales Tax Services

Many of our clients are involved in businesses that are responsible for collecting and remitting sales taxes. BT&Co. compiles the necessary sales tax information, prepares the sales tax returns and files them with the payment in a timely manner. With our experience, clients are never late or inaccurate in addressing their sales tax liabilities.