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Consulting Services

Our clients judge the value of our consulting services with each success. The financial planning expertise of BT&Co. allows for a unique perspective of trust and insight into the financial affairs of our clients' companies. We leverage both to provide a depth of understanding that no outsider can achieve.

Many of our consulting assignments focus on growth strategies for the business. Some of our most valuable areas of concentration include:

  • Tax: Managing the tax issues confronting a growing business, whether it be selling into the international markets for the first time or navigating offshore enterprises through US business waters
  • Cash flows: Matching the cash inflows of a growing business with the necessary working capital requirements to sustain that growth
  • Cash management: Managing the deployment of excess cash reserves either for the company or its owners. BT&Co. selects and monitors the right investment instruments designed to provide optimal safety, liquidity and yield for the situation.
  • Banking: Assessment of banking relationships and overseeing a change if indicated
  • Accounting: Selecting accounting hardware, software and staff that compliment the changing business environment
  • Financial statements: Determining the right type of financial statement assurance required by third parties, be it a compilation, review or certified audit
  • Estate planning: Using sophisticated estate planning techniques, BT&Co. provides business succession advice to minimize taxes and provide ownership continuity.
  • Buy/sell agreements and funding: BT&Co. plans for ownership changes through buy/sell agreements and valuation of the company. Our consultants also implement the funding of buy/sell agreements using strategic life insurance.

Regardless of the nature of the consulting assignment our primary goal is to enhance your company's profitability. Growth of your top line and bottom line is always first on the agenda at BT&Co.