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Accounting Services

Accounting most often provides a historical perspective of how your company fared. At BT&Co. we believe that is only the most basic use of accounting. We design, implement and maintain accounting mechanisms for our clients that are timely, accurate and--most importantly-- provide information for use in making tactical and strategic business decisions that will impact the company well into the future.

BT&Co. provides a comprehensive suite of accounting services for our clients. We design each to provide the exact financial information owners and their management teams require for growing the business, successfully competing and expanding profitability. Here are the accounting services BT&Co. offers its clients:

Accounting Systems

Whether you use one of the more sophisticated automated accounting systems or Quickbooks, chances are BT&Co. can enhance its benefit to your company. Clients often call on us to evaluate how staff is using the accounting system. We recommend changes that improve accuracy, accelerate month-end closing and provide more useful management decision making information.

Along with our work in accounting systems is our assessment of the company's system of internal accounting controls. We recommend and implement specific changes to improve both their cost effectiveness and the control they provide. Often companies only think they have the proper controls in place to prevent fraud or embezzlement. BT&Co. ensures accounting controls are appropriate for the circumstances and are followed.

Bookkeeping / Write-up

BT&Co. provides bookkeeping services using our own accounting systems and qualified staff. We obtain the necessary information from your company--often via electronic transmission--and post it to our accounting system for you. We then present the results in the form of financial statements and the accompanying supporting schedules. Our experts will also work with you to interpret the results and identify trends that either need fixing or require expansion to take advantage of an opportunity.


BT&Co. will compile a complete set of financial statements using information provided by your company. This service allows you and often other interested third parties--such as investors or your bankers--to track the company's progress.


A review is the next step in the services we provide when rendering financial statements. For many users, a set of financial statements must have a basic level of assurance from a qualified CPA firm to be taken seriously. BT&Co. assesses our client's financial information to quickly determine its general accuracy. We then put it into the form of financial statements along with a report on the results of our assessment.

Regulatory Filings

Many of our clients deal with a variety of regulatory agencies and authorities. The filing of compliance reports and other information is time consuming and increasingly complex. We're expert at working with a number of regulators. Let BT&Co. manage your company's regulatory matters so you and your staff can focus on the things that make your business profitable.

Business Valuations

There are many reasons our clients ask BT&Co. to place a value on their business, a division or some of the assets. Sometimes it involves a merger or a sale. Maybe you're considering the acquisition of another company and need to know what it's worth. Perhaps you received an unsolicited offer to buy your company and want to know how fair it is. All these are good reasons to seek a professional valuation from BT&Co. We perform our valuations accurately, timely and discretely.

Business Start-up Services

Starting a business involves a myriad of things that entrepreneurs simply don't have time for. How much energy would you save (not to mention the added peace of mind) if you didn't have to set up the accounting system for your new company? What about establishing your new company's banking relationship? And then there's often the maze of regulatory filings and registrations required for even the most basic of businesses? You want these and the many other activities associated with starting a business done right the first time, completed on time and done efficiently.
At BT&Co. we've been involved with many start-up ventures. We know the details that owners must address right from the beginning. Let us be a member of your start-up team.

Divorce Resolution Services

When involved in a divorce resolution case, hiring a qualified professional can protect your interests. BT&Co. has the expert staff and the resources to define and negotiate an equitable resolution to divorce settlements and claims for its clients.

Litigation Support Services

Litigation is a fact of business life. Engaging a serious, experienced financial professional to assist in presenting the quantitative aspects of your case can significantly influence the outcome. BT&Co. principals are experienced in many types of cases ranging from partner dispute resolution to embezzlement. We work with our client's legal counsel to prepare and present the financial information required to make their case.